Lisbon…in the sun?

Notes from Sunday, April 3, 2016 When I thought of Portugal, I always had mental pictures of bright blue skies, white washed quaint villages, dramatic cliffs dropping vertiginously from green flats to white sand beaches. Or maybe, at worse,  they would be pebble beaches; with the round kind of pebbles, not the ones that will shred into … More Lisbon…in the sun?

The Portugal Decision

First there was a ‘compromise’ decision: Let’s go to Portugal! Then came the Picking of Destinations; where to stay and for how long was carefully pondered over weeks. Well, truthfully, only I was involved in this process as C was happy to go anywhere as long as it did not involve (a) France (I know…some people!), (b) … More The Portugal Decision

Dipping the Spoon

For years I have been told that I should start a blog. For all those years I have also thought about starting a blog. But all along my ‘voice’ drowned underneath pages and pages of technical papers, executive summaries, investigation reports and scientific opinions. Though my long hours at the corporate keyboard paid the bills and padded the … More Dipping the Spoon