Dipping the Spoon

For years I have been told that I should start a blog. For all those years I have also thought about starting a blog.

But all along my ‘voice’ drowned underneath pages and pages of technical papers, executive summaries, investigation reports and scientific opinions. Though my long hours at the corporate keyboard paid the bills and padded the nest egg, I dreamt of writing for the sheer joy of it. I lusted for the freedom of the unfettered word.

I diverted the urge by posting on social media and travel boards. I wrote extensive trip reports. I tinkered with the forever-unfinished great novel that would turn me into a madly successful author. I posted pictures of food I cooked and extensive descriptions of meals we have had.

I sat with my sisters, daughter and girlfriends to discuss life, love, and Sisterhood for hours. I talked with my husband over countless bottles of wine about hopes, fears and goals. I then I felt that those conversations should almost be… I don’t know… Preserved?

And still I dreamt of Writing as the years went by. I mean, if the Twilight and Gray -ahem- authors could unashamedly get away with it, maybe there was, indeed, a space out there for my rambling and seldom coherent thoughts. Hey, no problem with their books… I admit publicly to having read them and even enjoyed them (everyone needs a brain vacation once in a while!).

So I thought some more about blogging. But about what? Food, of course. Travel? Naturally! Fitness? Minimalism? Pups and kittens? Womanhood? Common Sense? All subjects near and dear to my heart. Once again I was struck by the Analysis Paralysis. So I did nothing. Again.

Couple of days ago, while we were somewhat apartment-bound in Lisbon in the midst of one of those always-feared horrible-weather vacations, a google banner popped up while couch surfing: How to Start a Blog in 10 Easy Steps. Hummm…

So here we are. Ready to dip my spoon into everything and anything. Let’s see where this takes us.





4 thoughts on “Dipping the Spoon

  1. You go girl! ! Me encanta, good luck and I will look forward to reading your blog… I can tell by your way of presenting your thoughts that you were born to do this!!! Enjoy the journey as I am sure I will enjoy reading all about it!!! Cheers prima!

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