Unassuming Amalfi

There was a very specific reason for choosing Amalfi to spend these two nights in the region. And it had not been an easy choice; my heart kept hearing the siren’s call of picture-perfect Positano. I had dreamt of sitting high above the endless sea, on a bougainvillea-shaded terrace with a magnificent view, sipping overpriced white wine … More Unassuming Amalfi

The Ascents: The Positano Summit and The Ravello Rollercoaster

Of course daybreak came brighter, mostly blue and without a trace of wind. Of course. Though I had not inquired yet, I knew that the Blue Grotto would be open. Of course it would be. I had to make a decision. Go to the Grotto in the morning and push our arrival to Amalfi to … More The Ascents: The Positano Summit and The Ravello Rollercoaster

Captivating Capri

I was afraid to look out the window. We had heard the wind blow outside for most of the night and it was not bright sunshine sneaking around the edges of our not-fully-closed blackout shutter. Sigh. The sky was whitish gray and we could see the waves rolling even from our perch on the hill. I … More Captivating Capri

Uncompromising Capri

There is just something about Mediterranean Blue. A sense of depth and wisdom so very different from the colors of my native Caribbean. Their intense sapphire and lapis lazuli contrasting against our sparkling turquoise and topaz. Until the moment we headed out to take the ferry from Naples to Capri we had only seen the … More Uncompromising Capri

Unapologetic Napoli

I will admit that, initially , I did not want to go to Naples. At all. The city was allegedly dirty, noisy, utterly chaotic, and filled with petty thieves waiting to pounce on even the savviest tourist. According to the word of mouth on several travel boards, Napoli seemed to better fit the description for … More Unapologetic Napoli